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Cancer Servises of Northeast Indiana



10th Anniversary Beat BC 5K

Beat BC was started Nine years ago and has evolved to help raise money for Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana.  The next Beat BC 5K will be held on 18 October 2014  The entry form is available by clicking on entry form.

The Tenth annual Beat BC 5K race was held on 19 October 2013.  One hundred sixty-one participants took place in the Beat BC 5K event.  Race results are available at online race results.  Bob Bates won the 5K men’s race with a time of 18:16:19 minutes.  Morgan Plank won the 5K women’s race with a time of 23:10:02 minutes.  Blake Whitton won the men’s 5K walk with a time of 39:12:82 minutes.  Sarah Lake won the women's 5K walk with a time of 38:36:87 minutes.  This event would not have been possible without the help of the many volunteers, sponsors and donations. The Beat BC 5K committee would like to thank all the participants, volunteers, and supporters who helped make this years race successful.


Overall Awards for both the 5K run and 5K walk races, in both men’s and women’s divisions will be made for first place.


Age Bracket

Awards will be made by age and gender groups for the top three in each category.  Below are the age categories for men and women:

 12 and under               30 -  39                      60 -  69

13 - 18                         40 – 49                      70+

19 – 29                        50 – 59           


5K Run……Male…… Cheston Coe  16:40 (2007)

5K Run……Female… Kim Ellis 19:55 (2005)

5K Walk……Male..… Jared Owen  36:58 (2007)

5K Walk….Female…. Deb Rayle 36:46 (2010)

 EVENT COMMITTEE :  Dwayne & Judy Hass, Cindy & Mike Gordon, Brandon & Jane Bitting, Pam Gordon, Travis Gordon,- Laura Day, Amanda Rice, Sarah & Matt Dzaey



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